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Why Passwordless?
Increase Conversion
Increase Conversion
Removing passwords can increase conversion by 54%.
Boost Online Purchases
Boost Online Purchases
1/3 online purchases are abandoned due to forgotten passwords.
Improve Security
Improve Security
Data Breach costs $240K per 1K passwords breached.
Passwordless Sign In

Passwordless Sign In

Sign in faster with one-tap login for your websites and mobile apps.

Magic Link & One Time Password

Instantly login using a magic link or a verification code sent via email, SMS, or WhatsApp.

Device Based Authentication

Authenticate users based on ownership of a device. Automatically log in from a trusted device or tap a prompt sent to your mobile app.


Authenticate with FaceID and Fingerprint from your websites.

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  var cotter = new Cotter(API_KEY_ID);

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 Why Cotter?

Find out how Cotter provides a better and faster experience than passwords and 2FA apps using Magic Links, OTP, and Device Based Logins.

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