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Cotter 2.0 - A simple, lightweight, and frictionless passwordless auth | Product Hunt Embed

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Why Passwordless?
Increase Conversion
Increase Conversion
Removing passwords can increase conversion by 54%.
Boost Online Purchases
Boost Online Purchases
1/3 online purchases are abandoned due to forgotten passwords.
Improve Security
Improve Security
Data Breach costs $240K per 1K passwords breached.
Passwordless Sign In

Passwordless Sign In

Sign in faster with one-tap login for your websites and mobile apps.

Magic Link & One Time Password

Instantly login using a magic link or a verification code sent via email, SMS, or WhatsApp.

Device Based Authentication

Authenticate users based on ownership of a device. Automatically log in from a trusted device or tap a prompt sent to your mobile app.


Authenticate with FaceID and Fingerprint from your websites.

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Add Login in Minutes.

Add Login in Minutes.

Add Passwordless Login in just a few minutes and customize straight from the dashboard. Works with no-code tools such as Webflow and Bubble.

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Join 3000+ web developers, designers, and no-code builders using Cotter
A simple way to start signing up users faster.
We believe that a simple integration helps builders start building products faster and better, and increase their conversion rate compared to traditional login flow.
With Cotter’s passwordless authentication, our drivers were able to log in to our app without friction.
Alec Fong
Chief Technology Officer @ Brev.dev
Cotter helps us provide an easy and secure way for our users to access their investment account.
Reinhart Hermanus
Chief Product Officer @ Bareksa.com

Start protecting your users.

 Why Cotter?

Find out how Cotter provides a better and faster experience than passwords and 2FA apps using Magic Links, OTP, and Device Based Logins.

Cotter 2.0 - A simple, lightweight, and frictionless passwordless auth | Product Hunt Embed

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