Why Passwordless?
Increase Conversion
Increase Conversion
Removing passwords can increase conversion by 54%.
Boost Online Purchases
Boost Online Purchases
1/3 online purchases are abandoned due to forgotten passwords.
Improve Security
Improve Security
Data Breach costs $240K per 1K passwords breached.
Passwordless Sign In

Passwordless Sign In

One-tap login for your mobile/web apps secured by asymmetric cryptography based on the FIDO protocol.

No OTP, Magic Links, or Authenticator Apps

Approve logins directly from your app.

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<script src="https://js.cotter.app/lib/cotter.js"></script>
  var config = {
    ApiKeyID: "<API_KEY_ID>",
    Type: "PHONE", // EMAIL or PHONE
    OnSuccess: (payload) => {},
  new Cotter(config).showForm();

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Add Passwordless Login in just a few lines of code.

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