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Device Based Login using the FIDO protocol

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How many Monthly Active Users do you have?
Pricing estimate for monthly subscriptions.
0 users
Launch Plan
$30/month estimate
Can I use Cotter for free?
Yes! Cotter is free to use forever until your site is ready to go live. When you sign up, you will immediately be in the Test Mode, where you can have up to 5 total users for testing and development purposes. When you've exceeded 5 users, we will send an invoice the following month to upgrade you to an appropriate plan based on your usage.
What does it mean for my site to go live?
When your site is in Test Mode, you can only have up to 5 total users (you can check this in the Users tab in the dashboard). When your site is ready to go live, you can upgrade to one of the subscription plans and you will be able to have unlimited total users.
How do you count the number of Monthly Active Users?

We count the number of unique users that logged-in using the Cotter Login Form within a month. For example, if user A with email [email protected] logged-in 5 times this month, that will count as 1 active user.

I have more than 100,000 users, can I use Cotter?
Can you send SMS or WA messages to other countries?

Yes, our SMS and WA works with international phone numbers. Please check the SMS/WA prices to find your country.

I don't know how to code, can I still use Cotter?

Yes you can! You can use Cotter with Webflow or Bubble without code. You can follow the tutorials to integrate Cotter.

What languages/frameworks do you support?
Cotter's Web SDK is available in JavaScript and can be used on websites build on React and other JS frameworks. Cotter's Mobile SDK is available in Android, iOS, Flutter, and React Native. Support for Unity is coming soon.
Can I use Cotter to protect highly sensitive information?

It depends.

If you can follow the following requirements: YES
You should have a secure server and a database, and implement the required steps for verifying JWT tokens generated by Cotter to protect your API endpoints.

If you are using NoCode tools or does not have a server/database: NO
Generally, if you are hard-coding sensitive information on your website builder such as Webflow and Bubble, or on a Single Page App, then it is not secure. Any content in a front-end only site is exposed to the internet and there is no way to hide it. If you need to store sensitive information and only allow certain users to view it, you should use a secure server and database.

Cotter No-Code Passwordless Login - A simple login form for your no-code websites | Product Hunt

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